Saturday, May 18, 2019

Managed PoE Network Switches and VLAN. VoIP Essential!

Network Switches for VoIP, VLAN Tagging

When implementing a cloud or premise based VoIP system in a single or multi office environment, utilize managed PoE network switches with VLAN for VoIP network integration. These managed PoE network Switches are used for creating VLAN tagging with a VoIP phone system.With VLANs, you can separate network traffic (such as VoIP and standard network traffic) and users for specific reasons such as applying different security or policies to different VLANs or groups of users. For VoIP, there are specific benefits in separating data and voice traffic on the network. One benefit is that QoS can be applied to the voice traffic via VLAN tagging (also see our QoS blog). VLAN tags are used to provide high priority to voice packets. Using a VLAN for VoIP also prevents VoIP devices from competing with other traffic on the network, helping to avoid delays in delivering voice packets and providing maximum quality on VoIP calls. A VoIP VLAN also makes it easier to troubleshoot VoIP issues since the VoIP traffic is isolated. This practice should be implemented for both cloud VoIP and premise based VoIP phone systems.
We recommend that our customers consult their own IT staff or vendor about the best way to implement VoIP technologies and how these technologies will impact the existing network infrastructure. Contact Office Telesystems for more information at (972) 484-4900 in Dallas and (817) 529-1700 in Tarrant County. Toll Free (844) 544 4900.